Horticulture with incredible education

We create bespoke programmes to suit the needs of individual schools and facilitate green & growing projects across the generations.

Incredible Education are on Salford City Council’s Approved Register for Alternative Provision. We work with many schools and colleges providing both enrichment and accredited qualifications. We are a recognised centre for the delivery of Open Awards Qualification.

We believe in fostering problem solving skills, social and physical development, emotional resilience and healthy approaches to stress and risk through engaging experiences delivered in sustainable woodland and on site at our allotment and classroom.

It all made such a difference to my life as it got me out of the house and I made many friends.
— George (Age UK Salford)

Our classroom and outdoor growing space

We run our horticulture sessions from Tindall Education Centre at the allotments in Peel Green, Eccles. This education centre incorporates our growing spaces and classroom.

Thanks to our ties with the community growing group Incredible Edible Salford we have access to a large space filled with raised beds, polytunnel, greenhouse and other growing areas. This allows us to teach comprehensive horticulture courses from our location.

Seeing the change in plants from week to week is what I find most encouraging about gardening.
— Hazel (Monica Court, Eccles)

What do our horticulture sessions look like?

We can offer sessions for enrichment purposes as well as providing accredited course programs from entry level to Level 2 horticulture.

The groups we have led in the past range from local nurseries to programs with Age UK.

Our sessions and qualifications cover such skills as;

  • Recognising species of plant

  • Propagation

  • Preparing and planting containers

  • Preparing ground for sowing and planting

  • Care for a planted area

  • Preparing cuttings

  • Display containers

  • Hanging baskets

  • Sowing in containers

  • Sowing seeds in drills

These activities provide many benefits in addition to those provided by the pathways of our qualifications.

Horticulture offers a route into better physical health thanks to increased education with regards to the origins of our food, and the benefits of the physical activity intrinsic to the activities.

It offers benefits to mental health thanks to the sense of purpose and achievement found through the growth and care of plants. It also offers opportunities to connect with other people and reduces feelings of isolation and exclusion. As well as this, it is an activity done outdoors, increasing contact with nature and enjoying the physical and emotional benefits common to all outdoor activity.

For these reasons a horticulture program can have a place in the education of any group or individual. Find out how we can structure sessions around your unique needs and get in touch today.