Little Hulton Green & Growing Network

In April, earlier this year we started an exciting new project working with 4 different groups in and around Little Hulton. This included Hulton Avenue, Amblecoat Gardens, Bourke Gardens, and Walkden Manor. Our aim of the 6-month long project was to offer the individuals involved a route into better physical health & mental health through horticulture and to also offer them opportunities to connect with other people and reduce feelings of isolation and exclusion.

Through the months the different groups have completed some amazing work. From one group growing enough veg produce to feed their full housing complex, to another completely transforming a full garden ready in time for summer.  

We have truly enjoyed working with each group and seeing the progression from week to week has been extremely fulfilling. As well as thanking each person involved we would like to say thank you to NHS Salford CCG - Little Pot of Health Impact Fund which helped to fund this project.

Below are a few of our favourite images from this year…