The Power Of Volunteering - At the Ex-Fit City Broughton Building

On the 21st of March, an incredible team of 10 volunteers transformed the outside of the Ex-Fit City Broughton building from a disused & overgrown space, into an accessible and vibrant area. This means that the Greater Manchester Youth Network, and other users of the building can now use this space to relax and enjoy their time in. Over the coming weeks the space will develop, so keep an eye out for the changes!

Altogether it took a collective of 30 hours (3 hours per volunteer) to transform the space. The incredible volunteers from HSS Tool Hire in Trafford Park and Beechfield Brands in Bury created a wood chip pathway, planting beds, and gave the area a general makeover.

We really enjoyed this project and the end result was fantastic. Projects like this really show the power of volunteering and how they connect communities together.